Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I ve been thinking hardly what kind of cake that really suit my hubby..it's kinda tough task to design a cake for him as i always think of flowers,pastel colors and feminine touch for a cake design.At last,I went to Wilton Shop for a solution and end up buying this golf bag cake mould..it costs me quite a lot but..it meant more when my hubby like it so much.Actually,it looks better with fondant finishing but I'm still zero in fondant stuff..so might as well do what i m capable of..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My 1st cake eversince came back from Moscow.I ve been quite busy with settling down things,moved to our new house,prepared for the children schooling and family matters.What concern me the most was I really need to attend baking+cake deco courses to pursue in this cake business once I have quite settled down.So,I took lev 1&2 course at Wilton for the start and ready to take my 1st order.This cake was ordered by Narim,my sis in law..for her Mom's B'day.I ve immediately applied whatever method I ve learnt during my 1st lesson at Wilton.the borders,wilton roses,rose petal etc..Sold this for rm50 as a special price for my 1st customer.As a beginner,I spent the whole night to finish the decos..Personally,I love the colors combination of pink,green and white polkadots..n Narim n family love it too!