Thursday, January 7, 2010

This cake was ordered by Ana,my gud fren masa tinggal di Moscow..well, thinking bout her..i m so grateful of having such a good friend especially in those time living so far away frm family..Byk kenangan manis dan pahit yg kami kongsi bersama..n the best part was..we share the same interest..kuat ketawa!We r frm the same hometown(segamat) i guess we understand the same launguage n jokes..what i mean is..jokes that made us laugh like hell..smpi golek2 tp yg pelik nyer..yg lain2 tu wat dekk we assumed that derang tu dah putus urat ketawa agaknyer..well,whatever..above all..i really enjoy our great friendship n wish it will last forever..This cake is Choc Moist with Choc Ganache topping n Basketweave on each sides..

These cupcakes were requested by Sal(my dear sister) for her students in SK TUDM Subang for Teacher's Day.Sal ckp..budak2 berebut nak cupcake ni smpi tak cukup..n she had trouble of controlling them..'Plz teacher..buatla lagi byk2...'Actually,I did the swirl cuppies for the students in various colors n those with flowers design were for teachers only..nak promote la konon..